How to Succeed in Network Marketing and Direct Selling

Network marketing or Multi Level Marketing (MLM) works for many people. It is an evident and important aspect of marketing, where people have made their fortunes. MLM is more of a relationship business. It helps businesspersons to build their businesses and focus on their customers and is all about sales.

Network marketing is a business, wherein people invest little money and through their dedicated efforts to attain their goals attain huge profits and success. However, to venture into network marketing, you have to study the current market trends, where competition is a usual thing.

This biz model works for people committed towards their long-term objectives. MLM does not require large offices or giant signs. However, reports from Direct Selling Association (DSA) claimed that, over 13 million individuals in the U.S. do network-marketing.

Wait For The Right Opportunity

At present, people join any marketing related program to kick-start their career in the MLM industry. They fail to realize what it takes to be successful in the networking industry. Hence, it is necessary to have proper knowledge as how network marketing works. It is essential to enquire regarding the credentials of sponsors, distributors, down line members, and companies in an MLM network.

If you meet the right sponsor, then take the initiative, as opportunity knocks the door only once. Procrastinators or lazy people tend to miss on the fine MLM opportunity. However, similar to other businesses, network marketing business too takes time to grow. It gains momentum only when you develop the required skills.

This business model works for individuals, who believe that perseverance, is the key to success in any business. To start a network marketing business, you may opt for instant online sign up options on the Internet. Individuals need to fill the required information. Sponsors then send feedback accordingly.

Set The Goal

A beginner who finds a company having good leadership and a sponsor that would provide enough MLM training and support, needs to make the commitment. You have to commit for at least 6 months in the business. Do not go overboard and get excited. Set reasonable goals to achieve. Next, talk to new people, who are trying their hands in the same business.

Do not get disheartened or lose hope, if your MLM business fails to give a good start. Instead, talk to more people. Remember, well begun is half done.

Direct Marketing – Announcing 5 Authentic Steps to Advance With Marketing

Here’s how you can excel at direct marketing:

1. Marketing messages. The last thing that you would like to do is to confuse your potential clients. So, make your marketing messages clear and easy to understand as much as possible. They must be direct to the point, benefit-driven, and compelling. In addition, they must be able to push the emotional hot buttons of your prospects.

2. Think like a customer. You’ll be able to easily build connection with your target market if you understand their needs and demands. Put yourself into the shoes of these people to figure out what exactly they are looking for and the things that can influence their buying decision.

3. Advertise on yellow pages. Yellow pages are everywhere and they can definitely give your products and services the kind of exposure they need. Make sure that you make your ads bigger and make sure that they are attention-grabbing to easily increase your conversion rate.

4. Telemarketing. You can potentially boost your sales and revenue by using telemarketing — as long as you execute the process right. The secrets here is having a high quality list and knowing how to engage your prospects during the call. Of course, it will also matter if you can create a need for your product and make them very valuable to the eyes of your prospective buyers.

5. Face-to-face selling. Do demonstrations on local malls that are frequented by your potential clients. You can also give these people a visit in their office or at their house. Show them how your products really work or how they are being used. Explain the benefits they offer so these people will know what’s in it for them.

Is Copywriting the Most Valuable Skill in Online Marketing?

I have what you might call a flair for writing copy – I don’t think I’m the world’s greatest by any measure but some of it comes more easily to me than it might come to you.

The ability to write and communicate well is a fine thing, however it is trumped by the king of all marketing skills: Conversion.

Copywriting of course plays a big roll in conversion but it is far from the whole enchilada – there’s the skill of getting traffic in a cost-effective way, there’s knowing how to structure a back-end offer, or two, or three.

Then there is coming up with the angle that gets people to act immediately. Sometimes it’s making the price so low compared to the value on offer that the decision is a “no-brainer”, but often it’s a matter of creating scarcity of some kind: threatening to run-out of the item or close the doors on the offer when all seats are filled.

I once bought a ticket to 1000-seat seminar… and then when I got there I saw were 2500 seats in the house. I felt mildly gypped but still got a lot of value – and it was the fear of not getting a seat that goaded me to make a decision and buy the ticket – and honestly I can say that seminar changed my life for the better.

While devices like these are communicated in the copy, or the sales pitch, the idea of the offer is not in the copywriters hand in many cases. It is the direct-response marketer who structures the offer that gets folks to whip out their wallets – the copywriter is merely the messenger.

A skilled copywriter (like moi) can boost response by turning-out the kind of copy the marketer may have no time, nor the skill to create – by no means do I want to denigrate the copywriter’s skill. Merely I want to point-out that your willingness and ability to create and structure the irresistible offer is the vehicle of your success in direct response marketing.

Want a massive increase in sales?

Massively increase the value of your offer.

Assuming you had an offer in the first place people wanted and bought, increasing the perceived value by adding high-value bonuses can be a great way to increase response by 100% or more – in fact the sky is pretty much the limit.

Of course you have to back-up your claims, and that, my friend, has to do with the quality of your product and customer service – if you botch this part of the equation you may rake in some cash but you’ll also get a lot of grief from unhappy customers. Don’t promise more that you can deliver.

Direct Linking and Pay Per Click

Many affiliates have remarked that direct linking is no longer a viable option with Google AdWords. And many have believe it to be so. But a new software on the market has shown us that direct linking is still being used, and being used in a successful way that some affiliates just do direct linking.

What is Direct Linking?

Direct link is simply an affiliate taking the affiliate link from the merchant sales page and use the link to send visitors straight to the sales pages. And if you are using pay per click for your efforts, then you are taking your affiliate link. And masking it to appear as if it’s the merchant who is doing the advertisement because there is a direct linking to the merchant’s page without a middle page by the advertiser.

For example if you were promoting as an affiliate-your affiliate link would be But when you do your pay per click campaign you would add it as and that would show in the display URL. When the visitor clicks on that link though, it is your link. And if the visitor buys, then you get paid.

Most affiliates think that direct linking does not work because of Google quality score issue. But because Google is about making money, they don’t really care. If you have a good AdWords ad and get a high click through rate, then your ad will show.

The only problem that might arise is that if you have a low click through rate then your ad will not show but the person with the better click through rate ad will show.

To combat this problem it is best to get a pay per click software that will show you how to pick a winning advertisement. Then once you get a winning ad with Google, all you have to do is to make sure that you bid on the right keywords so that you’ll get a high amount of people clicking on your ad.

Direct linking is not dead and many affiliates are still using it to make a wad of cash. You just have to know how to use it and what are the best products to use it in conjunction with. That is why it is so imperative to have a good pay per click software with a great tracking feature.

Once you have such a software in your affiliate marketing arsenal then you will be able to lower your pay per click offers, know where and how to use the direct linking method. And still be able to make a lot of money doing it.

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